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hocentrum Midden-Kennemerland is located at: Mozartstraat 201, 1962 AL Heemskerk.

To schedule an appointment call  0251-223176 on working days  between 8.30 - 11.30 am.

You can also fill in an applicationform ('inschrijfformulier') by internet. Our assistent will call you within 3 days to schedule an appointment.

Make sure you arrive 5 minutes before your appointment at the echocentre. If there is a (possible) abnormality seen in your child, you will be directed to the AMC. The assistant will make an appointment for you and pass this by telephone. If a (possible) abnormality is seen in the weekend, an appointment in the AMC is made on monday.

Please note that the consultation  may run late if a (possible) abnormality is seen or if there is an emergency in between.

Term ultrasound (echo):

A term ultrasound (echo) is intended to determine the exact duration of the pregnancy. This echo is usually around the 10th week. On the basis of the dimensions of the fetus can be calculated quite precisely the gestational. Also looked at the presence of heart action, loner or multiple pregnancy and whether the pregnancy is in the uterus. The term echo finds mostly external (through the abdomen) place, but sometimes internally (through the vagina).

 The First Trimester Down Syndrome Screening (only in AMC)

First trimester screening is designed for women interested in determining whether their baby is at an increased risk for Down syndrome and Trisomy 18. You are eligible for the first trimester screening if you are between 11 and 3 days and 13 and 5 days gestation and have a singleton pregnancy. If you have twins, the test can be done with a slightly lower detection rate.

What are Down syndrome and Trisomy 18?

Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 are chromosome abnormalities that result from the presence of an extra chromosome in every cell of the body. These abnormalities can occur sporadically (no family history) to women of all ages, but they are more likely to occur in women over 35 years old. These abnormalities always cause mental retardation, of varying degrees, in affected individuals. They may also cause birth defects. Chromosome abnormalities cannot be fixed or cured, although some of the medical complications that arise due to the abnormality may be treatable.

How is the first trimester screening performed?

The screening consists of a combination of an ultrasound exam and blood test. The ultrasound demonstrates a fetal heartbeat and determines gestational age. Then, the amount of fluid accumulation behind the neck of the baby, called nuchal translucency (NT), is measured. The blood specimen is analyzed for two chemicals called Beta human chorionic gonadotropin (free Beta), and pregnancy associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A) which are normally found in the blood of all pregnant women. The results of the ultrasound exam will be combined with the results of the blood test to estimate a specific risk, high or low, for Down syndrome and Trisomies 18 and 13.

What are the costs for first trimester screening?

The cost for the first trimester screening is € 176,96 which includes ultrasound and blood test. You can only pay by PIN.


Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound Scan between 19 - 21 weeks

This is a very meticulously performed ultrasound scan examining each system to identify any problems present. The examination includes brain, spine, face, chest including heart and lungs, the liver, stomach and bowel, kidneys and limbs.

Special Instructions:

  • To make an appointment you can call 0251-223176 or sent an application by internet. Our assistent will call you within 3 days to schedule an appointment.
  • Please bring your midwife order to your appointment and fill in the front and the back of the form. Don't forget to place your signiture on the back of the form.
  • You must have a full bladder for this test. This means you must drink 32oz of water beginning one hour before your appoinment, finished within that one hour, and no urinating.
  • Only one other person allowed with you at this appointment. No children, unless they are able to sit still during 30 - 40 minutes.
  • The cost for the Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound is € 154,36. In most cases your insureance will cover the cost of screening. EMK will automatically submit the charge for screening to your insurance company. In some cases you have to pay after screening and sent the bill to your insurance company.You can pay by PIN.
  • Please arrive at your appointment on time, with your  paperwork/midwife order already filled out, and full bladder. This will ensure a smooth and timely appointment.

You can find more information on the following link

Gender Determination and 2D or 3/4D-DVD

Gender determination

  • Gender determination (from 15 weeks of pregnancy)    € 42,50.
  • You can pay by PIN. 

At any time during the pregnancy

  • 2D Ultrasound , 2 black and white prints       € 42,50
  • You can pay by PIN.

Visit after 24 weeks pregnancy

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound
  • 2 Black & white prints / 3D color images
  • Book your 3/4D Ultrasound after 24 weeks of pregnancy or if you expect twins at 15 weeks pregnancy (€ 95,-)
  • You can pay by PIN.

Individual sales items

  • USB-stick 64 MB                                                   € 2,50  
  • USB-stick 4G                                                        € 7,50
  • 5 extra Black & white prints / 3D color images      € 2,50


Complaints echo center STBN

Are you not (completely) satisfied? Don't keep it to yourself!

Please read on if you would like to find out more about our complaints procedure.

Tell us what bothers you

It is very important for you to trust the quality of care we provide and that you feel comfortable and safe in our center. That's why we will do everything within our power to provide you with  excellent care and your partner with the right guidance. Are you still left with some questions? Or perhaps with some doubts? Are you dissatisfies about something? Then please do tell us. Preferably as soon as possible, but also if you have been walking around with this for some time. We can talk things through together and try to do something about it as soon as possible.

We would like to make an appointment for a meeting

You can notify us of a complaint yourself either by telephone or email: Telephone:  0251-223176 ask for Joan Jorink; she is the manager of our center. Email: We see it as being of the utmost importance to take all the time we both need to talk things through. We would therfore like to make a separate appointment with you once we are in receipt of your complaint.

Mediation by the complaints officer

You have the option of getting in touch with an independent complaints officer if a discussion with the centre manager didn't end with the required result, or if you find it difficult to express your critism during a conversation. She will look at the possibilities available for efficiently resolving your complaint together with you. The complaints officer will mediate between you and the employee you have a complaint about. You can als contact her for advice or help regarding how to deal with your complaint. The help provided by the complaints officer is free of charge. To contact the complaints officer: You can find more information on

Disputes Committee

You can submit your complaint to the Care Disputes Committee if the mediation by the complaintsmanager officer didn't provide you with the right result. This committee also deals with damage claims.. The costs for submitting a complaint to the committe amounts to  € 52,50. More information can be found on


You can rest assure we will take your complaint very seriously and will be dealing with your information in the strictest confidence. . It may be necessary fot the centre manager and/or the complaints officer to have access to  your medical data in order to effectively investigate the complaint.We will ask your permission in such cases. The center manager en complaints officer have the same duty of confidentiality as your care providers. We register every complaint. We proces the data ananymously in overvieuws for the management team and the Director. We also procedure an anonymous annual report for the Healt Care Inspectorate. Your complaint therefore represents an important too for improving the qualitiy of our care and service provision.




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